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How many Blog posts should you write per month?

How many Blog posts should you write per month?

How many blog posts should you write per month

The more frequently you blog, the more activity you tend to get. One of the questions I’m asked is how many blog posts should you post per month? So, lets discuss how many blog posts should you write.

Firstly, search for Ubersuggest and type in your competitor’s domain.

You will then see the domain overview report.

Click on “top pages”, you will then be able to see top pages that your competitors have.

This will even show you backlinks and keywords that your competitors are using to rank for each blog post.

Take those blog posts that your competitors are ranking for and create a list, not just one competitor, make a list of all your competitors blog posts.

This will give you a better understanding of overlap, what articles are like your competitors? This will also give you a good idea of how much content there is to be covered.

Make sure you are aware of your competitors backlinks, traffic and domain score, the higher the number, the harder it is to compete with them.

This will also tell you how much content you should be creating. If your competitor’s domain score is under 40, that means you will have to create all the content that they have to quickly outrank them.

Look for content gaps.

What you can also do is look at all your competitors and what you may notice that one specific blog post has received a lot of traffic but not many of the other competitors even considered writing an article on that.

This will also help you decide which blog posts to start writing on first.

Bottom Line

You should be creating a lot of content! Whether its 1 – 10 per day or 10 – 20 per day, that can be 60 a week, you can produce as many posts as you can.

Its not going to be that hard to outrank your competition but it will be harder if your competitor has a domain score above 65 as Neil Patel says.



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