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5 Ways to Improve your Google Ranking

5 Ways to Improve your Google Ranking

1. Link Building

As one of the top ranking factors for Google, links are critical to improving your search engine ranking.

When it comes to better search engine rankings, you want to attract links from reputable and trustworthy sites, versus sites with a bad reputation. Earning links from top websites requires some outreach.

Try connecting with webmasters, publishers, bloggers, and more to get your content some press.

Outreach requires time and dedication. Getting your content recognized, however, can have a tremendous impact on your company’s exposure and search engine rankings. It can also help people in your audience discover your business.


2. SEO-Friendly Content

Make sure you write SEO-Friendly content. Content is the foundation for improving search engine rankings.

That’s why content marketing is so popular because it generates 6x more conversions for businesses that use it. You can’t write and publish content, though, and expect results. 

You need to write content optimized for search engines and users:

  • Researching your audience, relevant topics, and keywords
  • Incorporating your keywords into your header tags, meta tags, and content
  • Publishing your content on a responsive and fast website
  • Promoting your content to industry influencers.

You can also improve your search engine rankings by focusing on skyscraper content. This content serves as the complete guide to users. Aiming for a content length of 1000 to 2000 words can better your search engine rankings too. However make sure, that ever paragraph and sentence offer value to your readers.


3. Build a Responsive Website

Improved search engine rankings can also happen after launching a responsive website.

responsive site allows your website to adapt automatically to any user’s device. Whether they’re viewing your site from laptop, tablet, or smartphone, they can read and navigate your website with zero issues.

If you don’t have a responsive website, you risk decreased rankings.

Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. In fact, it now crawls and indexes sites (which allows your website to appear in search results) from a mobile-first perspective. That’s why responsive design is so critical to improved search rankings.


4. Maximize CTR in search results

You can also improve your search engine rankings by boosting your click-through rate (CTR).

CTR describes the percentage of users that see your website in search results and click on it. For example, if 50 people see your site in search results, but only 25 people click on it, you’d have a CTR of 50%. In most cases, your CTR will be lower than this amount.

Increasing your CTR, however, can directly impact your search ranking.

Studies show a strong correlation between search engine rankings and CTR. That’s because, from a search engine’s perspective, people clicking one website more than others hints that it’s more relevant than the other search results.

You can boost your CTR (and improve your search engine rankings) a few ways:

  • Include your core keyword at the start of your title tag
  • Add your core and related keywords to your meta descriptions
  • Use schema markup, like how-to or ratings, to your page
  • In Google Search Console, you can access and monitor the CTR of your pages.


5. Use SEO-friendly videos and images

When it comes to online content, people don’t want a wall of text. They want images, as well as videos, to help them learn about a topic, visualize a concept, or complete a task. If your content doesn’t feature multimedia, it may hurt your rankings in search results.

You can improve search engine rankings with SEO-friendly images and video.

For example, you can upload images that meet the following SEO requirements:

  • Features an optimized filename, like “pool-cleaning-vacuum” versus “IMG_002”
  • Includes an optimized alt tag, like “pool cleaning vacuum in pool” versus “buy our vacuum”
  • Maintains a compressed image size using a tool like Squoosh or Kraken

Your videos should also adhere to SEO standards, like with the following tips:

  • Use structured data
  • Include a video transcript
  • Set a custom video thumbnail
  • Create a title and description that engages users and includes your keyword

Improve your search engine rankings with these steps.