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4 Step Blog Content Strategy

4 Step Blog Content Strategy

A Content Strategy refers to planning, development and management of content.

With so many bloggers, YouTubers, marketers, having a content strategy is ultimately important if you want to increase your online presence, drive more traffic to your website or increase your revenue.

Check out our 4 Step Content Strategy for your blog, these steps will help you grow your audience as you create new content:

Identify Niche/Target Market

A Niche/Target Market will help you stay on track and avoid losing focus.

Questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Who is your Target Market?
  • Who is searching around your niche?
  • Are there new Markets that you aren’t reaching?

Remember don’t just choose any niche because you’re interested in it, it should ideally be something you passionate about and see yourself doing for the upcoming years.

Start with your Main Topic

Start with the major topics first, then dive into the other topics.

This will make it easier for you when creating content, by diving into the major topics, your mind will be more focused and energized which will help you give your best to the major topics first. 

Research & Find the Top Keywords for your Topic

Keyword research is the process of analyzing search terms that people enter into search engine like google, with the goal of finding data and using that data for a specific purpose.

That is why it is important to expand your topics by finding some of the top keywords used on that topic. Make sure to list out specific keywords for each topic.

Don’t worry if your list is getting too long, the more topics you have, the more content you can cover in your blog, making it easier for you.

Create Content based on the Top Keywords Found

Now research phase is over.  Always remember, before creating content, it is essential that you conduct a proper keyword research so you understand what your viewers are looking for.

Once this has been conducted, you may start creating optimal content based on the top keyword you found. Always make sure you aren’t “KEYWORD STUFFING”, keyword stuffing is a search engine optimization technique which is considered “web spam” or ‘’spam indexing’’, DO NOT sacrifice readability for the sake of SEO! Always write for your readers and not web-crawlers!

This is how you create a simple blog content strategy. Remember, to use each niche topic to generate new ideas & focus on creating content that answers your viewers questions.