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Month: August 2020

4 Step Blog Content Strategy

A Content Strategy refers to planning, development and management of content. With so many bloggers, YouTubers, marketers, having a content strategy is ultimately important if you want to increase your online presence, drive more traffic to your website or increase your revenue. Check out our 4 Step Content Strategy for your blog, these steps will…
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5 SEO Tips You must try in 2020

Did you know? Google makes hundreds of changes per year. Google released a broad core algorithm update on the 13 January 2020 as they do several times a year. The previous core update was in Sep 2019. Many SEOs and Webmasters complained that the update felt weaker and was not generally like previous core updates…
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5 Ways to Improve your Google Ranking

1. Link Building As one of the top ranking factors for Google, links are critical to improving your search engine ranking. When it comes to better search engine rankings, you want to attract links from reputable and trustworthy sites, versus sites with a bad reputation. Earning links from top websites requires some outreach. Try connecting with…
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10 Marketing Tips that will cost you No Money

Take a look at these 10 Marketing Tips that will cost you no money: Create Social Media Profiles Build a Referral Network Create a Blog and keep updating content Local SEO Listings Ask for Reviews Create a useful Email Newsletter Spruce up your Email Signature Write Thank You notes Answer online questions Exploit online marketing…
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How to Rank your LinkedIn Page higher on Google

Did you know? LinkedIn feeds are not indexed in Google. Posts that you make on LinkedIn are not indexed on Google, your company profile can only be indexed. If your page is not crawled or indexed on google will not give your page value. The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the higher your page…
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